MART promotes appropriate educational programming and services by providing professional development and collaborative opportunities.

Sabrina and Jennifer 2021_edited.jpg
Jennifer Young, President
Lisa Clark, MTS PD Day Chairperson
Sabrina Melanson, Vice President
Amanda Asham, Secretary
Susan LaSpina, Treasurer
Michael Baker, PD Chairperson


  • To promote active provincial leadership and improve inclusive education in the province of Manitoba.

  • To collaborate with MTS to make recommendations to the provincial government, the universities and school divisions/districts, to bring about changes deemed necessary for the improvement of inclusive education and training of resource teachers in Manitoba.

  • To provide the means for exchanging ideas, techniques, and knowledge, and for monitoring trends and developments relevant to the resource teacher role and responsibilities.

  • To encourage the professional development of its members through training workshops, MTS PD Day conference, and an annual conference with AGM.

  • To publish a newsletter or journal to provide ongoing communication with its members.

  • To encourage the formation of affiliated local chapters within the province.

  • To establish contact with other provincial/national organizations.

  • To promote communication, interactions and cooperation amongst its members.