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The next General Business Meeting is May 9th, 2020 at 9:50am  at McMaster House, Room 1A 191 Harcourt Ave.  All members are welcome to attend.  RSVP to Jennifer Young at jeyoung@pembinatrails.ca by May 5th. 

Please note, January 18th meeting has been cancelled due to anticipated inclement weather. 

Minutes from the November 16th, 2019 General Business Meeting.  (click here)

Minutes from the.September 14th General Business Meeting. (click here). 

Minutes from the Annual General Meeting, October 25th, 2019 (click here)

Our executive is in critical need of new executive members.  We are actively recruiting for members-at-large, membership, and PD chairperson,  If interested, please attend our next general business meeting on January 18th at 9:50am.  Please note, this meeting has been cancelled due to anticipated inclement weather. 

Mart will be facilitating a bulk order of texts sold by Dr. Feifer.  Please contact us at info@martinclusion.ca if interested.

The Neuropsychology of Stress and Trauma $50

The Neuropsychology of Mathematics $50
The Neuropsychology of Written Language $50
Integrating RtI with Cog Neuropsychology:
A Scientific Approach to Reading $50
Emotional Disorders $50
Math Games E-book $30
Plastic Laminate:  Neuropsych for Educators $25